Nor Cal Lucky Deals March 27-Courtesy of SmartyMarket


Bananas .79¢ lb

Fuji Apples .97¢ lb

Strawberries B1G1 Free

5lb bag of Russet Potatoes $3.49

Broccoli Crowns- $1.49 lb

Cactus Pears 4/$1.00


Lucky Charms $2.99 18oz Box!



Folgers 29.2oz $9.99

Yuban 33oz. $10.99

Maxwell House 33oz. $10.99

Chicken of the Sea Tuna 10/$10!!

Chef Boyardee 14 oz canned food 2/$3

Hormel Chili Beans 14 oz. Canned 2/$3

Dennison’s 14 oz. Can  2/$3

Hunts Ketchup 24 oz. 2/$3


Top Ramen and Marchuan Noodles 4/$1

Progresso Soup World Recipe $2 ea.

Chunky Soup 18oz $2.99


Wesson Oil 48 oz. $4.99

Canned Fruit-

Dole Fruit 4pk Fruit Cups-$2.69

Del Monte 4pk Fruit Cups-$2.89

Dole Canned Pineapple $2.19

Frozen Foods-

Hungry Man 16.5oz Dinners 2/$5

Red Baron Pizza Classic 19.86 oz $4.9

Eggos (all) 10pk 2/$4

Ore Ida Frozen Potato hash browns 36oz 2/$6

Healthy Choice  9.4oz 2/$6

Healthy Choice  9.4oz 2/$5

Smart Ones Bistro Varieties 2/$6

Smart Ones Classic Favorites $1.88

Lean Cuisine Comfort Cuisine 2/$5

Lean Cuisine Simple Favorites 2/$4

Michalinas  .88c ea.


Corona 18pk Bottles $20.98

Tecate 20 pk bottles $14.98

Bud Light 18 pk $12.98

Blue Moon 12 Pk $13.98

Fat Tire 12 pk Bottle $14.98

Fosters 12 pk Bottle $11.98

Miller Light 20 pk Bottles $15.98

Gordon Biersch 12 pk Bottles $14.98

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 12 pk Bottle $13.98

Budweiser 12 pk Bottle $12.49


2 Liter Pepsi $1.33

2 Liter Mtn Dew $1.33

2 Liter Dr Pepper $1.33

2 Liter Mist $1.33

2 Liter Crush 4/$5

All Pepsi 12 Packs Variety’s B2G1

All Coke 12 packs B2G1

7up 12 pack $3.99


Doritos $2.99

Frito Scoops 9.20 oz bag $1.99

Ruffles 10oz 2/$5

Lays 10oz $3.39 ea.


Activia 4pks 2/$4

18pk Eggs $2.79

Minute Maid 1/5 Gall 2/$5


Foster Farms Chicken Wings $1.99lb

Foster Farms thighs .98¢ lb.





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March 27 Deals for Safeway Courtesy of SmartyMarket

Here are some quick prices at Safeway. Good Deals on some Soda/Beer/Pasta Noodle etc.. Hope this helps in your weekend shopping.


Corona 24 PK Bottles $24.99

Becks 12oz Bottles 12 pk $9.99

Newcastle 12oz Bottles 12 pk $14.49

Blue Moon 12 pk Bottles $15.49

Orange Juice Florida 1/2 Gallon 2/$6

Frozen Foods-

Lean Cuisine Frozen Deals 5/$10

Banquet Frozen Dinner Foods 10/$10


Mothers Cookies 11.5 Tray $2.25

Chips  Ahoy Cookies 9.5oz $2.99

Oreo Cookies 2/$6

Fig Newtons 2/$5


Pullups 3T  44 Count $12.99

Pampers Size 6 23 Count $9.99

Meat Dept-

Foster Farms $2.29 Drumsticks and Thighs


Tostitos 10oz Bag 2.99(B2 get a free Pepsi 2Ltr with Coupon)

Doritos- 5/$5

Aquafina 24 pack water is $3.99 (MB2)

Aquafina 1 liter 10/$10


ALL PEPSI 12 packs are B2G3 Free!!

Health Bars-

Power bars 10/$10

Cliff bars 10/$10

Luna bars 10/$10


Cheerios 18 Oz Box 2/$6

Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal 2/$5

Poptarts 2/$5


Golden Grain pasta (all) 10/$10!!


Maxwell House 33 oz $7.99!!

Yuban 33 oz $7.99!!


Sobe Juice and Lifewater 10/$10!!

Pasta Sauces-

Classico Jar $2.29

Newmans Jar 2/$7.00

Fruit Cups-

Delmonte Fruit Cups 4pk 2/$5

Hunts (all)Canned Tomatoes 4/$5

Top Ramen Noodles 6pk $1!!!

Chunky Soup-2/$4


Bananas .70¢lb

Asparagus Bunch .99¢ ea

Russet Potatoes 10 lb bag $4.49

Bulk Potatoes .99¢ lb

Oranges .99¢lb.

Gala Apples .79¢lb

Grapefruit 2/$1

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Billionaire takes an interest in Family Dollar – Related Stories – FMI dailyLead�


via Billionaire takes an interest in Family Dollar – Related Stories – FMI dailyLead�.

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Summer Activities for 2010

Music Festivals, matinée’s, library’s, hiking, REDBOX movie Rentals, making homemade pizza’s on english muffins and a thousand more ideas to keep your Spring and Summer of 2010 the most affordable and most memorable in years! Make it a great summer! Oh yeah, set your clocks ahead one hour on of March 14

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Grocers need to stay ahead of the curve or lose serious market share

In the latest sign of the times, according the Charlotte, NC Observer on Feb 16th, “For the first time, the Charlotte market’s leading grocer by sales isn’t a grocery store at all – at least, not exclusively. It’s Walmart.”  As the economy continues to trudge along and people continue to fear for their jobs, their 401k plans and making the mortgage, it’s no wonder that people are flocking to Walmart to get screaming deals.  At the end of the day, the Campbell’s soup at Walmart is exactly the same as the one at your favorite store and at HALF the price.  Walmart is just one example of what progressive companies do in tough times.  They grow. They may not be loved by everyone, but they are suddenly the biggest grocery store in country? They cater to the masses and they may even lose some profit along the way but make up for it in a new customer base and moving higher volumes.  Both of those make for a good retailer for the manufacturer looking for the best portal to sell their product and price it accordingly.  FMI, NGA and Progressive Grocer, all offer great innovative ideas and should be read by the industry insiders daily. All of that being said, what can your company do right now to engage your customers without the ridiculous “buy 5 boxes of cereal and pay only $1.25 ea.”  Here are the suggestions of

One- Become an internet magnet and allow your customers to shop online more efficiently.

Two- Innovate inside your store.

Three- Partner with your retailers on both sides of your store and inside your parking lot and become a destination for the family rather then being used as an afterthought or last minute item store. Heck Costco serves up hot dogs and a drink for $1.50.  That seems pretty simple to duplicate.  I am not sure you can trademark something like that.  Don’t get greedy.  But that is simple and another reason to get more business to your store from the lunch crowd living on a budget.

Let’s look at the first suggestion.  The internet growth is undeniable.  There are many variables to making a successful website. First and foremost, identify your end customer. Then, put yourself in their shoes.  I am sure all of your executives out there have been on the internet.  Well what do you like about websites you always visit? I’ll tell you.  You like to be on a site and be quickly engaged and get what you came for and get off the site.  So why are most of the major stores filling their homes pages with needless, wasteful and frustrating content.  I have visited hundreds of grocery specific sites in the past 12 months and most have no pricing, have complicated product tree’s, and just way too much going on with that first screen shot.  Simplify.  Engage your customer.  What can you help them find.  Too many of the sites are “screaming” at the customers.

Two-Innovate inside your store.  You have engaged them on the website and maybe you don’t offer home delivery(which I still think is wayyyyyy down the chain of wants from the customer), so the customer needs to come in. That is great! So, why don’t you steal a page from Walmart and get someone to thank the person for coming. Maybe the Store Manager, or a bagger.  I have been in and out stores and never got a hello.  That being said, the ones I love to go to, have a great friendly staff and one in particular has the store manager ALWAYS roaming the aisles greeting and talking to the customers.   That is not to complicated and can be done today. As far as true innovation, what about a recipe kiosk, or an automatic product finder(for the store that can’t afford extra personnel on the floor), maybe a Vizio TV broadcasting something that will keep your customer in the store longer and give you more value.

Three- You want to really help your customers out right now in this economy.  Why not offer a collective saving at the corner Gas Station, the nearby restaurant, and the hair salon.  None of these places compete, they are all in most grocery store parking lots and 90% of your customers would use a discount to these fundamental services.  Talk about being a value add to the community.  how far would this good will go when the next Big Box drops in a 200,000 sq ft store in your neighborhood.  I think one of the problems grocery stores have had is getting comfortable.  I would say to Store management, take off your name badge and walk around the store and throw out a comment like, “boy, can you believe the price of this cereal?”, and see what the mom says to you standing in the aisle.  You might get out of the aisle in 30 minutes if you’re lucky. Heck Costco serves up hot dogs and a drink for $1.50. That is simple and another reason to get more business to your store from the lunch crowd living on a budget. You may not be able to lower your prices, but don’t be shocked when you see fewer customers because your failed to innovate.

Above are all ideas just to get you more engaged and creative.  There are some fabulous stores out there doing some wonderful things. Another idea, how about registering your boss on the TV program ” Undercover Boss“.  That would make for great press! firmly believes that we can provide a valuable service by not only comparing prices between stores, but by being that third-party non affiliated business partner, we can DRIVE business to the stores.  With an assortment of engaging techniques, and technical applications, your store can reach your customers once a week, but daily, and not just YOUR customers, but ALL the customers in your footprint.  Email us today for further discussions and say hello to your very next customer that walks through the door!


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National Brands vs Store Brands-Grocery Savings

According to Consumer Reports October 2009 Edition, buying Store Brands can save you on average 27% vs the same product with a National Brand Label.  More and more stores are reserving premium shelf space for their own line of products.  For all of the loyal Safeway shoppers, for instance, they have had Lucerne for decades and have recently opened an aggressive line of products that appear to appeal to the more environmentally conscious shoppers with the “O” organics line within several sections of their store such as Baby Food, for example.

Many if not all of the major chains are well aware of the cost savings and the value such private label products can help their customers in an economy such as this one.

One of our goals at is to offer comparison pricing and educate the consumers along the way with what think are valuable cost saving ideas.  Continue to come back to and keep an eye out for the launch of our California comparison shopping engine that will bring you thousands of prices on products  we all use on a daily basis.


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Saving the most money on your grocery bill

We have searched and researched the internet and have come up with the most complete list of ideas available for saving the most money on your grocery bill.  Before we get into the list, we need to acknowledge a few things first.  Consumer buying habits have changed and many shoppers are making more trips to the store then before.  Those trips consist of ready made meals, dinner for the night, picking up a side dish for a meal at home, and of course the last minute item we forgot.  Other dynamics are that prices are different from one end of the country to the other, online grocery shopping has taken off(albeit very very slowly), and the economy as a whole has forced a large part of the country to both write lists AND use coupons.  “Couponing” is practically en vogue, where it seemed from the early 1990’s to the mid 2000’s it might have been as uncomfortable as say, using Food Stamps(which under the current economic conditions has also exploded). According to ComScore., 36 Million people(you and I), visited coupon sites in December of 2009!!

So what are the top ways to save money, and I mean BIG money on your grocery bill?

Number 1- Do your homework.  Much like the housing market, there is a fire sale on grocery deals.  Why do you keep going to the store down the street and blindly spend money without at least looking around.  In many large city’s there are stores across the street from one another and the prices can be significantly different from one week to the next.  Why not at least take a look before you buy.  Read the weekly ads, look for the daily “manager” specials that are often NOT advertised, and then look across the street.  Also, lets not forget about the drug stores and super discount chains that offer the same Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup for 40% less almost automatically.

Number 2- Write your list– Seriously, either have a written list of don’t go to the store.  Grocery stores are designed to pick up incremental sales.  Placing products in the checkout stands that will take your very last dollar, from the weekly tabloid to the candy bar add that says “buy 3 to get 3 free”.  Going to the store without a game plan of some sort is going to create havoc on your budget.  Start off looking through the pantry and making a quick list of what you HAVE.  By listing what you have it will reinforce it when you are the store when you think of buying that $5 box of Cheerios.  If you know you have it, you’ll keep walking and you’ll have just saved $5!

Number 3- Plan your meals.  Most of us are required to plan our day at work, yet we don’t plan at home.  Don’t fret, you are not alone. That being said, there are many tools and website that allow you plan your meals ahead of time and save money! is one such site.  Plan your meal, a list is printed and off you go. Planning your meals keep you on a budget and that is critical.

Number 4- Couponing.  As I mentioned in the intro, couponing is big and is getting bigger.  No wonder.  The price of food has skyrocketed.  From milk, beef and poultry to canned goods and general merchandise.  You do not need to suffer by buying some product you don’t like, just be more aware that coupons alone could shave 20-30% off your monthly budget.  According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics prices on many different food groups have soared:

Tracking for the following time frame   2000 2007 2008

Milk, fresh, whole, fortified (per gal.) . . . 2.79 3.87 3.68

Ground beef, 100% beef . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.63 2.23 2.41

Ground beef, lean and extra lean . . . . . . . 2.33 3.07 3.44

Potato chips, per 16 oz. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.44 3.65 4.48

Bread, white, pan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0.99 1.28 1.42

Funny, but the bread they are gauging has got to be private label, because any national brand of bread is like $3.50 or $4.00 per loaf!  But clearly, in areas there is a 50% jump and I am sure since these are national numbers, many of you have seen even sharper increases.  Couponing just makes sense.

So some other ideas to keep your budget tight and on track: Leave the kids at home, shop when you are NOT hungry, know the advertising dates for your local supermarkets, buy in bulk if it makes sense and is NOT a perishable, make deserts and sauces at home rather then spend the money on the premade items.  They taste a lot better!  Also, what about a simple garden on your roof top or in your backyard.  There truly are many ways to save money on your grocery bill.

Soon will provide thousands of everyday prices from your most recognized stores for even more savings. Truly an apples to apples, only one of its kind to give you the information that will make a true dent into your wallet without making you jump through any hoops.


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